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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Evan McMullin feels the Trump effect

A reader nominated Deep State presidential candidate Evan McMullinm ex-CIA agent, for induction into the Trump Effect Hall of Shame.

(The Trump Effect holds that engaging in a feud with Donald John Trump increases the chances of something bad happening to you, while he rolls merrily along the way.)

Certainly, McMullin's foul-mouthed campaign against The Donald in 2016, egged along by such Fake Conservatives as Bill Kristol.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rising steel prices? Get the rest of the story

The Wall Street Journal resorted to a Fake New headline today, "Fed Report Finds Steel Prices Rising After Tariffs Imposed. Beige book says prices increased at a moderate pace in different parts of U.S. and dramatically in some instances."

The story didn't match the headline.

Impeach Kimba Wood

Former Playboy bunny Kimba Wood, now a federal judge, abused her position to help CNN bring down Sean Hannity in the ratings. In a blow not only to the Fourth Amendment right to seek counsel, a lawyer for CNN and the New York Times sought the disclosure.

So much for any claim -- any -- that either corporation gives a damned about the Constitution. It is all about power.

An actual football hero

Spring football practice is upon us. The college and professional teams are playing intrasquad games. As the 1933 song says, "You Gotta Be a Football Hero."

But among all those big boys stands a man who really is a hero.

I thought we got of rid of Darrell McGraw

"Two state Supreme Court justices drove state vehicles for personal use without properly claiming the perk as a taxable fringe benefit, a legislative audit has concluded," Brad McElhinny of Metro News reported.

Hey, how did Darrell McGraw wind up back on the state Supreme Court? I thought he turned in his judicial robe 30 years ago. McGraw took a state van for a family vacation in the wild West. He cited "judicial purposes."

Possible tie between journalism and reality

The New York Times bragged that it shared a Pulitzer with the Washington Post "for coverage that unearthed possible ties between Russia and President Trump's inner circle."

By unearthed they mean published Bobby Mueller's leaks designed to coerce innocent men to plea bargain to crimes they did not commit. Did no one see "Absence of Malice"? It wasn't supposed to be instructional material.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Comey boomerang

I don't know how well Jimmy the Geek Comey's book sales are going, but I do know his trash talk about the president has turned the public off.

(When I called him Jimmy the Weasel, readers complained that I was unfairly maligning weasels.)

Oh, hurt us some more, China. Part II

After China slapped tariffs on soybeans, I posted, "Oh, hurt us some more, China," which pointed out this drive soybean prices up. To avoid the tariffs, Chinese importers switched to Brazil soybeans. That raised prices as Europe started buying more of our soy.

Sorghum farmers (feed for livestock) felt left out.

Leave PEIA alone

PEIA is the acronym for the West Virginia state employees health plan. It covers about 200,000 people (including retirees and dependents) at a cost of $950 million a year, according to WCHS-TV.

Five grand per person sounds about right for a good health plan.

Trump ends 68-year war



The Washington Post in January reported most Americans don't trust President Trump with the nuclear "button."

Impeach Kimba Wood

Well, well, well. Bill Clinton's first choice for attorney general allowed the unconstitutional raid on President Trump's lawyer, which resulted in the illegal leaking of a confidential contract.

Impeach her. Throw her dirty, rotten, lying, federal law-breaking arse on the street and strip her of her pension.

Is Fox News paying David Hogg to boycott?

Lefties are all agog to see who David Hogg will boycott next. There has not been this much excitement since Fitzmas Eve -- you know, when lefties all thought Patrick Fitzgerald was going to frogmarch and perpwalk Karl Rove.

"Parkland, Florida shooting survivor David Hogg announced Monday that he would launch another boycott sometime later this week following his successful campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham," Jon Levine of the Wrap reported.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Press preaching to the 3%

Overnight ratings show less than 10 million people watched ABC's special last night, an interview with James Comey.

That is 3% of a nation with a population of 325 million people.

Comey shows why the press is so corrupt

James Comey's book is about the book tour, in which he gets to trash Donald Trump with the blessing of such interviewers as George Stephanopoulos, Clinton's spokesman. Disney gave Comey an hour of prime time on Sunday night to unload.

Comey said Trump was a forest fire. Stephanopoulos asked, "How do we put it out?"

The Secret Service should visit both men.

Facebook hypocrites

The jowls of the editorial boards Mercury News and East Bay Times quivered indignantly in an editorial on Sunday, "What Facebook won’t do, California lawmakers must." The subheadline was "It’s appalling that the U.S. is the only nation in the developed world without online privacy protections."

I cannot tell you more than that because when I went to read it, the Mercury News blocked me.

That time Trump helped the Negro Leagues

On November 4, 1983, veterans of the Negro Leagues, which integration shuttered three decades earlier, met with fans and each other in Ashland, Kentucky.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Starbucks feels the Trump Effect

Trump Effect: engaging in a feud with Donald John Trump increases the chances of something bad happening to you, while he rolls merrily along the way.

Mueller's unethical jihad against Republicans

"Both the NYT and WP put on the front page a story about someone no one has heard of, Elliott Broidy, for paying off a mistress. Both papers buried a story about someone everyone has heard of, former FBI Dep Director Andew McCabe, who was found found to have lied 3 times under oath," Ari Fleischer tweeted

Venerable newspaper billionaire Conrad Black responded, "Partisanship is one thing but the line between journalism and propaganda is when an outlet buries a good story because it distracts from the narrative."

Clap On/Clap Off Joe's bad, bad polls

My West Virginia Feed is off to a great start. Those interested in state politics should sign up for it at because this will make sure you get every post (and hours before it is on the blog). Also, send me news tips.

Here is the latest installment.

Trump doctrine in Syria

On Thursday night, I told readers, "What Trump will do to Syria."

On Friday night, he did it.

Today, I explain why.