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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Leave Social Security alone

House Speaker Paul Ryan plans to leave Congress next year. On his way out the door, he plans to destroy the Republican Party. From Politico:
The speaker has since gone public with this aspiration, suggesting that 2018 should be the year Washington finally tackles what he sees as the systemic problems with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The lessons of Alabama

Republicans made huge mistakes in Alabama on Tuesday. Here is what they should learn from those mistakes.

Where are our amendments?

Republicans control both houses of Congress and most state legislatures in a manner not seen since the 1920s.

So where are the proposed constitutional amendments to reverse all those court decisions the Republicans decried over the years?

Tax cut means bigger paychecks in February

Republicans should have had this done by now, but it looks like the tax cut bill will be signed by Christmas.

“It’s critically important for Congress to quickly pass these historic tax cuts. If Congress sends me a bill before Christmas -- this is breaking news -- the IRS has just confirmed that Americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning in February,” President Trump said.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tavis Smiley is the 37th to learn the hard way not to feud with Donald Trump

Congratulations to Tavis Smiley of PBS on becoming the 37th person to learn that feuding with Donald Trump can prove hazardous to your lifestyle.

PBS just suspended Smiley for sexual harassment.

A cry for decency in the House

Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Ohio has been in the House nearly 35 years. That is far too long.

However, what she shared with Democrats in private was excellent advice. She told her colleagues, ladies, dress professionally.

Republicans need to quit bashing their candidates

In 2010, Republicans abandoned Christine O'Donnell, and lost the Senate race in Delaware.

In 2012, Republicans abandoned Todd Akin, and lost the Senate race in Missouri.

In 2017, Republicans abandoned Roy Moore, and lost the Senate race in Delaware.

Trump should resign from the Senate

Politico somberly reported, "A sixth senator on Tuesday called on President Donald Trump to resign amid renewed attention to past allegations of sexual harassment and assault."

All six are Democrats (although Bernie Sanders describes himself as an independent).

Eric Trump burns CNN

Like father like son like brother.

USA Today freaks over a tweet

Apparently no one has paid enough attention to the editorial page of USA Today to suit its staff. Today, the newspaper's editorial board decided to publish an editorial so contemptible that it is the talk of the town in Washington.

In the rest of the nation, the editorial is further proof that journalists have lost their damned minds.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's Trump's world; we just live in it

I posted this two years ago today.

Let's see how well it held up.

Gillibrand makes the case for not electing her

Kirsten Gillibrand attacked President Trump.

She DEMANDED he resign as president

He responded by reminding everyone she's a third rater as a senator.

She cried sexism.

Today's American hero

Because he tweets with good humor, we tend to take Justice Don Willett less seriously than we ought to. When President Trump put Willett on his short list of Supreme Court candidates, some thought it was because Dum-Dum Donald was enraptured by his tweets. Ah, the comical superficiality of all those deep thinkers in Never Trump Land.

But Justice Willett already had impressed both senators from Texas and the Heritage Foundation.

Mueller is a disaster

The Mueller investigation is a catastrophe that reflects everything that is wrong with Washington, the FBI, and federal prosecutors. If power corrupts then all three are absolutely corrupted.

Robert Mueller himself is incompetent and an ethical disaster.

He assembled a partisan crew of Clintonians who are tied to the laughably implausible "Russian Dossier" with its tall tales from Kremlin officials of urinating hookers and the like.

The investigation itself is a crime syndicate headed by a lifer federal prosecutor whose incompetence as FBI director cost taxpayers $5.8 million to settle with the man Mueller relentlessly hounded as the falsely accused anthrax mailer.

Manufacturers: We're hiring and giving raises

From CNBC: "Manufacturing CEO survey shows record high optimism on prospect of tax reform."

American manufacturers trust President Trump because he is a capitalist. He is not a selfie-taking adolescent.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ryan Lizza joins the Trump Broke Me club

Ryan Lizza of CNN and the New Yorker is the fellow who cost Anthony Scaramucci his job by quoting what Scaramucci said to him in private.

Lizza has long feuded with Trump.

Now Lizza is out of a job.

@CNN shows it could not cover a fire in its newsroom

At the very moment -- 8:45 a.m. -- when New York police were briefing reporters about a terrorist attack, CNN had breaking news of its own. President Trump drinks up to 12 cans of Diet Coke a day.

Facts first? Bash Trump first.

Trump's winning bothers liberals

Amy Davidson Sorkin of New Yorker did her best concern-trolling in a piece sub-headlined, "In less than a year, the President, with help from the Alabama Senate candidate, has so damaged the Party that it may never recover."

Yes, a record number of appellate judges appointed, stocks up 30%, unemployment at a 17-year low, Marxist regulations repealed, the War on Coal ended, the Islamic State disappearing, illegal immigration down to less than zero as more people exit than enter, and tax cuts are on the way -- that is so much winning that Republicans may never be the Runner-Up Party again.

Today's proof D.C. is out of touch

Republicans own the White House, both houses of Congress, 34 governorships, and 32 state legislatures.

Yet, 12 of the 18 people Politico considers "18 to Watch in 2018" are Democrats.